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Feature Donator Basic
Number of Routes 500 20
Points within each route 1000 150
Number of Waypoints 500 20
Shared Routes 100 5
Nearby Radius 20km 5km
Import file size 2000KB 500KB
Geocaching Friends 50 5
Geocaching DNF icon Yes No
Route Folders Unlimited No
Waypoint Folders Unlimited No
Groundspeak Waymarks Yes No
Create Garmin FIT file Yes No
Turn-by-turn navigation (FIT) Yes No
Route simplification control Yes No
Banners None Yes*
Support Priority As available
New Features Previewed On release

Donations are not for profit, but do help ensure the future of mapRoute by contributing towards ongoing costs. All development time is given freely.

One year's Donator membership is gifted in appreciation of a donation of £4.

* To be added soon, with possible advertising.