mapRoute updates The latest application updates for Mon, 08 May 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Copyright (c) 2017 Solution Checker (minor) Recently added a native Solution Checker for puzzle caches. This allows users to check their puzzle solutions from within the listing page. They have just added the functionality to the API and I have included it in this release. GC8M2D1 is an example of a puzzle cache which uses the checker. Under this scenario if you show the geocache listing in mapRoute you will see the Solution Checker at the end of the description and before the users logs. Enter your solution in any currently selected format and click the [i]Check Solution[/i] button. A message will tell you if you are successful or not. If successful the coordinates will be updated and the geocache icon will show at the new final location on the map. The [i]User Note[/i] will also be prefixed with [i][Solution Checker Success dd/mm/yyyy][/i]. The solution checker border colour denotes the checker status. - Grey : Not yet checked this session and no updated coordinates are set. - Green: Solved. Either checked successfully this session, or corrected coordinates are set and [i]User Note[/i] begins with [i][Solution[/i]. - Red: Unsolved. No coorected coordinates. - Orange: Unsure. Corrected coordinates are set, but [i]User Note[/i] does not start with [i][Solution[/i]. All of users logs (maximum of 30) are loaded when a full geocache call is made. This only occurs when the user has found or DNFed the cache. All log ypes will then be loaded including [i]Notes[/i], [i]Needs Maintenance[/i] etc. If you change the coordintes format by clicking on the current location in the status bar and displayed coordinates will immediately reflect this change. That's the coordinates and [i]Solution Checker[/i] (if available) in a geocache listing and also the coordinates in [i]Search and Locate[/i] (or Find). Several fixes. 2020-05-01 Geocache download from Routes tab. (minor) Fixed geocache download from the Routes tab. Added bi-directional route download of FIT file. 2019-11-22 OAuth2 (minor) Implemented OAuth2. Fixed geocache Lists. Added geocache load button prompt. 2019-09-30 API V1 (major) have released a new version of their Application Programming Interface (API), which has made major updates to this application necessary. Here are the changes which have been made due to API V1: Faster return of geocaching data. Your logs are now editable within the app. Click on the Image to edit. The process is then the same as adding a new log. Delete one of your logs by clicking the Image. You will be asked to confirm your deletion. Delete one of your uploaded photos by firstly clicking on the thumbnail to show the image and then clicking the Image below the photo. You will be asked for confirmation. As well as a total of favourites for each cache, now finders who awarded a favourite point to a geoacache will be identified by a Image being displayed in their log. Other non-API V1 changes include: Added What3Word support. To find a location from 3Words Find Place word1.word2.word3 The map will be centered on this location providing a valid What3Words are provided. To find the 3Words use the crosshair to locate the location and then select What3Words from the menu. The 3Words will be returned along with the associated coordinates. Several other fixes and enhancements. Please note that this release involved a major code change you should ensure you check any download files on your mobile device before leaving home. 2019-05-20 Encoding Geocache search names (minor) Several small fixes and enhancements including: Geocache name and owner searches can now contain special characters. i.e. The Ship & the Needle Stripped spaces from Geocache Code search. These are often included in copy & paste. Geocache filters are now permanently visible. Moved several commands (which were previously only available via keyboard shortcuts) to the menu to help beginners. Changed Additional Waypoints menu option to be prefixed with Show or Hide. The Image arrow which appears after a cache search is now removed if the cache is deleted. Removed V8 from the title bar. V8 refers to the Bing Maps versions rather than mapRoute. Separated FIT code out to it's own module as I am currently working on it. 2019-01-06